The Wheatsheaf Bar & Grill
We have included our range of draught beers for take away and delivery. I have kept the prices for our draught products the same as they were….. in the case of the house wine I have reduced the cost. We are offering this as a service to you all and do not want to racketeer and inflate our prices as we have all seen with certain products and/or services in todays changed market. There are a couple of things I would however like to explain
DEPOSIT CHARGES ON DRAUGHT CONTAINERS…….. I have only recently managed to purchase a limited supply of 2.5litre containers, this was on my third attempt after 2 previous orders cancelled on me. In light of this I have had to implement a £5 deposit system to ensure that the containers are returned for re use with each order. On every subsequent order where a container is exchanged we will only charge £1 to cover the cost of cleaning and sanitizing. I would also ask that you rinse out all containers before returning. There is no return value on any container other than for an exchange.
DEPOSIT CHARGES UPDATE......... I have now managed to reliably source additional containers for draught products. as such we will now be reducing the deposit to £2 to cover the cost. £1 will still be charged to sanatise on each exchange however anyone who has paid the £5 deposit this week will receive a refund on exchange. Thanks Mark
4 PINT MEASURES……. Containers have a capacity of 2.5 litres which equates to approx. 4.4 imperial pints. We have filled the containers with 4 pints of water and marked a couple which are kept behind the bar for reference when pouring. This is not an exact science and with a head on the beer the 4 pints will be approximate.
NO BEER ONLY DELIVERY…… Having kept my pricing the same it is not financially viable to deliver a beer only order. Beer can be collected on its own from the pub.
SOCIALISING ON THE PREMISES……. Until recently I did not realise how much drinking in the pub related to the social aspect. Having now found myself in a situation where I am effectively a Scotsman locked in a pub surrounded by beer [a few cartoon images spring to mind] those who know me may well be surprised to learn that my consumption has dropped to almost nothing!!                                                                                                                         
It is important for all customers to realise that while we are under strict instruction from the Government, I am only offering a take away service from the pub. Regardless of the fact you are observing our social distancing procedures I have to ask you all not to remain on the premises longer than is required to collect your food or drink. The government has included off licences as essential services due to supermarket shortages and while it will be nice to say hello to my regulars please do not abuse the service and ask or expect to remain on the premises either inside or out. I can assure you all that as restrictions are lifted, I will be open for business either as usual or perhaps in the beer garden to start with in a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy your pizza and a pint with your family and/or whoever you are isolating with.
Keep safe and protect the NHS.

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